• 10.01.2012

CO2 Recovery

The recovery of CO2 is a preferable alternative to synthesize basic chemical compounds in processes that do not rely on the use of crude oil or gas. However, such use of CO2 will not reduce the atmospheric content of this gas and there are only small market opportunities for such processes. Currently, only few different compounds can be synthesized in small amounts. The potential production volume of polymers equals 50 Kt/a, for Urea 94 Mt/a, for Salicylic acid 84 Mt/a. The amount for fuels is higher with a potential of 2 Gt/a.

Despite the current limitations, there are interesting approaches of recovering CO2 in industrial processes a lot more efficiently. However, the development of these processes requires further research efforts. Using the methodologies offered by CreativeQuantum, such innovative approaches are pursued in a more focused manner. We will propose suitable special catalysts for related syntheses. This strategy plays a key role to realize production processes of attractive chemically complex products based on CO2 as reactant. With this technology, the chemical industry of Europe will have the chance to establish an alternative for the import of hydrocarbons.

If you would like to benefit from the research methodologies of CreativeQuantum in a flexible way, we can provide the know-how and the equipment to realize stand-alone research topics (simulation service) and complex integrated research projects (contract research). Some of your possible questions may be addressed in the FAQ page, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us.